Justin Bieber introduces Hailey Baldwin as his wife!

According to a report in Hollywood Life, Justin Beiber who is currently in Beiber’s hometown, Ontario with Hailey Baldwin introduced her to people as his wife.

The couple paid a visit to the Stratford Perth Museum where Justin Bieber’s exhibits are kept and tells the story of his rise to fame.

Bieber according to the report introduced Hailey as his wife to the staff members at the museum.

Kelly McIntosh was at the front desk when the engaged couple/possibly married pair walked in. She told Hollywood Life, “They came in together and had a few people with them that I didn’t recognize. Justin and Hailey were both very polite and they made a point to come up and introduce themselves. Justin introduced Hailey as his wife and they both shook my hand, which I thought was so formal and nice.”

It’s confirmed. Justin did indeed introduce Hailey as his wife!

McIntosh added further, “They looked really in love, they had big smiles, especially when he introduced her as his wife. When he introduced Hailey as his wife I just took it for what it was and didn’t put too much thought into it. Hailey didn’t say much but I could tell they were really happy, they were both smiling a lot and just seemed to be in such good moods. They were glowing with happiness.”

Kelly shared, “I wanted to give them some privacy so I didn’t follow them into the exhibit. But there were two international visitors already in the exhibit and I could hear that Justin and Hailey were very polite with them and even took some pictures with them.”

Justin gave Hailey a tour of the exhibit commemorated in his honor, “Justin Bieber: Steps To Stardom.” The museum staff member continued, “This is Justin’s third or maybe even fourth time visiting the museum and we are so happy that he’s comfortable to come visit and we are thrilled that he wanted to bring Hailey.”

“I made a point to give them their space to relax and feel comfortable. But I did notice that Hailey took the time to check out the exhibit we have with some of Justin’s awards form early in his career. Hailey was looking at all of his awards and things, just taking it in and enjoying it,” Kelly pointed out.

“They also signed the blackboard that we have and Hailey left a sweet message and we have now covered that in plastic so that it won’t get rubbed off,” Kelly told HollywoodLife.

At the top of the blackboard, Hailey signed off her message in green chalk with “Hailey B.”

Her signature could be referring to Baldwin, or her possible new surname, Bieber!

“They were here for about 45 minutes,” the museum employee went on.

“One new addition to the museum is there is now a loop with all of the carpool karaokes that Justin has done and it’s really cute and funny and they did check that out as well.”And there’s a special reason why Justin likes to revisit his hometown museum.

“But overall I just wanted to give them their privacy to enjoy themselves. I like to think of this as a sweet, safe place for him to be because his grandparents have been so involved in helping to create this exhibit,” Kelly revealed to HollywoodLife.

“We are so pleased that he wanted to come back and bring Hailey to see it too.”

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