Book Review: 9th Semester

Book: 9th Semester

Author: M. N. Vijay

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Youth Adult Fiction

Pages: 228 pages


Sidharth is your regular college-goer, who finds himself placed in one of the nation’s top IT companies. Smacked in the center of a professional and personal growth curve, Sid encounters some amazing lessons couched in great life experiences. One to wear his heart on his sleeve, Sid finds love in every nook and cranny, but it passes by him like a baby in a bumper car: random, speedy and out of control.

And yet, he journeys on, making light of his pain through his vehicle of choice, laughter.

Eventually, love doesn’t come knocking, but instead, has been in his living room all the while.

About the author:

M. N. Vijay, born and raised in the city of awesomeness, Chennai, was just a regular Joe, often compared with Sharma ji’s son. After engineering, he was placed in one of the best MNCs in the country which helped him realize that he sucked at being a techie. Soon, faced with a quarter life crisis, he embarked on a journey to find the one thing that could change his crisis to celebration.

What started as a hobby, soon became a serious passion that made him quit his job of two years. This book, is his first novel and his passion put into words.

His favorite quote is from the movie, Dead Poets Society, which is: “CARPE DIEM. Seize the day,boys. Make your lives extraordinary again.!” Also, he loves to Hakuna Matata.

On a different irrelevant note, his real name is Mohan N. V.

The Cover:

I must say the cover is a very attractive one. The cover itself made me pick up the book. The big broken heart symbol in the black background quite stands out with lot of little hearts filling both the sides of the heart.

My review:

This book seemed like the writer’s own story. It’s a good choice that the author has chosen to write his own life accounts as it’s the most relatable thing a writer can start with. Going by the fact that it’s Vijay’s first book, I would say he has fared well.

The book as the cover suggests is one of heartbreak, and it really is. It’s a quest of finding true love, in the journey of which includes a bumpy ride, I mean not literally but with several glitches before the protagonist encounters the love of his life. Sidharth as as is the name of the protagonist in the book is a techie, and works for one of the reputed IT companies. Friednships, love, relationships, work culture, the story mounts everything in a journey of ups and downs and laughter and tears.

The story is very Indian, urban, traditional mentality types.

The language is pretty simple. There isn’t like a very standing out aspect about the book. It’s something very predictable, life of a boy who’s a techie and his quest for love and life in general. Did I like it? I wouldn’t lie, but I dragged to complete the book as nothing really was like I Love It. Does it mean I hated the book? Not at all. It’s definitely a one time read. Maybe it could be a story of the IT goers who might end up liking it more. Which again I am just guessing.

I am going for a 2/5 stars.

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