A lady once slapped Abhishek Bachchan and said, “You’re embarrassing your family’s name, stop acting”

Abhishek Bachchan recently at an event confessed that a lady once came up to him and slapped him saying, “You’re embarrassing your family’s name, stop acting.”

Abhishek attended the Jagran Film Summit as a guest speaker and was quizzed on several topics.

Some being his recent movie Manmarziyaan, his character Robbie in the film, his entire journey in Bollywood industry, being the son of legends like Amitabhji and Jayaji and more.

In the same event, Abhishek also shared that after watching Manmarziyaan his wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan said to him that he is a very good actor.

One very shocking incident to which Abhishek confessed was that he was once slapped by someone outside a movie theatre in Mumbai after the screening of his then released film Shararat.

It so happened that his film Shararat had released. So he went to Gaiety Galaxy Theatres to gauge the audience’s reaction to the film and to his shock, a lady came up to him and slapped him.

Abhishek reacted to the question at the event saying, “Yes, it is true… Disgruntled customer I guess (laughs). It was a  tough time.”

Abhishek had narrated the incident himself once back in 2011-2012 during a show on UTV stars.

Narrating the incident Junior B had said, “One moment I’ll never forget ki meri ek film release hui thi Shararat aur main Gaiety Galaxy gayauske reactions dekhnekeliye. Ek lady thiwoh picture dekhkebaaharnikli interval meinaurunhoneinbaaharaake, main concessions stand ka paaskhadahuatha, aurunhoneinmujhebaaharaakethappad maar diya, aurkaha ki, “You’re embarrassing your family’s name, stop acting.” (One moment I’ll never forget. My film ‘Shararat’ was released and I went to Gaiety Galaxy to check the audience reactions. There was a lady who came out after watching the film in interval and she saw that I was standing near concession stand. She came and slapped me. After that, she said that ‘you’re embarrassing your family’s name, stop acting’.)

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