Manikarnika actor on Kangana Ranaut says she tries to glorify herself by putting others down!

Despite Kangana Ranaut starrer ‘Manikarnika’ doing well at the box office, the actress has been embroiled in controversies as director Krish and now a co-actor from the film putting allegations on her.

Kangana has had a past where she has been called interfering in her projects when it comes to direction, scripting and even co-actors now.

Director Krish, who has been given co-director credits in the film after he left the project mid-way following disagreements with Kangana, complained that she took first credit as director, although he shot majority of the film.

He called her extremely unprofessional, interfering and has vowed never to work with the actress in the future.

Now, Manikarnika actress Mishti Chakravarty, has also blasted the lead actress of her film, Kangana Ranaut.

Among many revelations made by Mishti in an interview with Bollywood Hungama, she emphasised on the fact that she was also a part of the ensemble cast in Vidya Balan’s Begum Jaan and compared the two actress (Kangana and Vidya), their attitude and professionalism.

She said, “To glorify yourself, you don’t need to put others down. If you are great, you will stand out in the crowd. If however, you don’t have the confidence in yourself, then you just want it all by yourself. That is how I look at it, I am not judging anyone over here. I am not talking about Kangana or Vidya. But then I have seen Vidya Balan. There may be 10 women around her but she still stands out in the crowd. She never tried to chop off anybody’s character. She didn’t need to.”

People are now speculating that rumors of Kangana chopping off roles and their duration in the film of co-actors, Atul Kulkarni, Sonu Sood, and to some extent even Ankita Lokhande could actually be true.

Mishti on being asked about the same, said it could very much be true. The actress was also asked about Krish’s foul cry about Kangana taking first credit as director when he had directed the majority of the film.

When the interviewer revealed to her that Kangana has claimed that she directed 70 per cent of the film and hence took first credit as director, Mishti laughed it off.

Mishti replied, “When I saw the film, I was really upset about my scenes being removed. After the movie, I didn’t even speak to anyone. I just walked out of the theatre. Although, I did see the end credits and I saw Kangana’s name before Krish as director. Krish directed this film right from the beginning to almost the end. He deserves to be credited as the director of this film first.”

Mishti also revealed that she was called by Kangana to reshoot portioms of the film claiming Kangana had promised to make the role fleshier and make her screen-appearance more prominent.

However, that was all a lie and instead Kangana just chopped off her scenes to make herself look more prominent in the film.

Mishti insists that she was made fake promises by Kangana and that she should have been honest about her intentions in the beginning instead of cheating her.

Mishti also went on to say that Krish is a big name for a director down south and that is why he is directed a big film like the NTR biopic.

She insists that Krish has a lot of credibility as a filmmaker and stressed on the point that he is a National Film Award winner for a reason.

The recent box office reports show Kangana’s film to have already collected a 50 crores.

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