Kangana Ranaut defends Rani Mukerji on her #metoo comments; says it’s sad to see a woman being bullied and trolled

Kangana Ranaut does not shy away from voicing her opinions and views about different situations.

She has also been a flagbearer of harassment against women at workplaces and always talks openly for women empowerment and safety.

Even recently during the #metoo wave the actress encouraged more women to come out with their stories and also shared her own accounts of harassment at workplace.

Recently, while talking to DNA about the same, Kangana revealed that there is a need to analyze the movement at different levels.

She said that women should be responsible for their own safety and the right message needs to be given out to young girls.

Apart from her on-screen versatility and her sartorial picks, Kangana Ranaut is one heroine who has no qualms about speaking what’s on her mind.

Whether it’s about standing up for what she believes in or the ongoing #MeToo movement, the diva is unabashed and unapologetic.

In a recently given interview to DNA, she opens up about the #MeToo movement and comes out in support of Rani Mukerji who has been the victim of trolls for her comments on women safety. 

Coming to Rani’s defense, Kangana said, “Like recently, Rani Mukerji was attacked because of her views on a show. It’s sad to see that a woman was being bullied and trolled for the cause of women’s empowerment. Maybe Rani was not able to articulate herself, but if you see the way she leads her life, she is the epitome of women’s empowerment. Anyone who knows her wouldn’t find her weak or timid. There are people who talk a lot, but they don’t necessarily live up to it. She’s definitely one of those people who lives up to it. So, that is scary about this whole thing.”

Speaking about the psychology of the criminal, Kangana goes on to add, “I was once pinched on my butt in the middle of a group and that person was right there, looking at me. It was not even sexual, it was like ‘I did exactly what I was not supposed to do.’ And looking me in the eye like ‘what are you going to do now?’ So, what do you expect? I think somewhere we should tell girls that there are a few rules. Don’t say maybe when you want to say no, it’s important. Your safety doesn’t mean you can do Taekwondo and karate. It also means you go to someone who can save you; it may be a teacher, an uncle you trust, a friend, or the Mumbai Police, or go to the media, find a journalist and expose them. So, to tell them this and then get severely trolled for it, is horrible.”

Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi will release this January 25.

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