How to choose the perfect dining chair?

On the occasion of the publication of Andreu World’s book, we wonder what a chair has to have to succeed at the table. Here you will discover that reasons such as comfort and style have a lot to say.

“There are two types of cuisine, good and bad. I feel good! “, Says Albert Raurich of Dos Palillos restaurant (Barcelona). This phrase is part of the book ‘Eat well sitting’, edited by Andreu World, the Spanish company specializing in chairs and tables. And part of reason is not missing because among the dining furniture, the chair is, without a doubt, the one that occupies a more relevant role in our meals.

In this project, five renowned chefs -Bernd H. Kneller, the Torres Brothers, Tenneco Taxa, Pace Pérez and Roerich- share their opinions and experiences, creating an interesting (and delicious) guide on the importance of furniture when sitting at eat. In addition, it has 25 reviews of some of the best restaurants in the world that illustrate the good marriage between design and gastronomy. A great example of style at the table!

Beauty and functionality

“Spaces have to convey what we are and do. The reflection of our kitchen has to be the interior design, the lighting, the crockery that is used … Everything is part of the gastronomic experience, “argues Paco Pérez of the 5-Cinco restaurant (Berlin). Starting from this premise, do not take your choice lightly, since; in addition, it supposes an important economic outlay. Therefore, the ideal chair has to like and integrate into the style of your dining room. We need it to be comfortable, but also an object of desire, a piece that connects with you and your way of cooking, of setting the table or even of seeing life. For example, if your dishes are simple, the chairs should be light, little recharged and in natural materials. While if your recipes are elaborate and complicated, upholstered and high-backed models will match perfectly.

Point of order

“We see our work in the long term. The fancy dining chairs have to be comfortable, beautiful and definitely timeless, “advises Bernd H. Kneller of the restaurant Riff (Valencia). You can choose the same model or mix several. In this case, you should look for the harmony of the whole through the colors and the proportions, so that the visual equilibrium is not broken. As a general rule, the backrest should never exceed 110 cm and the height of the seat should be about 45 cm , so that when you sit the table does not remain high or low.

Inspiration to the table

“The essential thing is to be comfortable in an environment where you feel comfortable and that inspires you good feelings. Create the right atmosphere that invites you to enjoy a good table “, recommend the Torres Brothers of Dos Cielos restaurant (Madrid). Therefore, the number of chairs will depend on the size of the table, its shape and the dimensions of the space. So, keep in mind that each guest needs about 60 centimeters to be comfortable and that the chairs with arms occupy 10 cm more.

The atmosphere of the dining room should be light and have the essential number of chairs- three on each side of the table is a round number. Of course, do not forget to have folding models on hand and use them at specific moments , such as Christmas celebrations or family gatherings.

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